We had breakfast with Art and Sharon then it was time for goodbye hugs. It was a short trek to the turnpike, which is a toll road. Our journey across Pennsylvania was very enjoyable. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a country drive. We were constantly in awe of the many brilliant colours […]

Tuesday Murray was anxious to go golfing, so he and Art arranged a tee time for 10:00 and set off for the golf course. I needed to do some laundry, so Sharon and I hung out at home, waiting for the laundry to finish. With that out of the way, we drove down the hill […]

  Countryside – Hartford to New Haven   Entrance to American Museum of Natural History   Mosaic tile mural at museum subway station.   Murray at entrance to NYC apartment   Union Square Farmers Market   Washington Square fountain and arch   South end of High Line Park (former freight railway)   Vertical parkade   […]

  We had a quick breakfast, stuffed the remaining items into our bags and went outside to hail a cab. One of the yellow cabs going by pulled over immediately and we were at the station in no time. Departure tracks for trains aren’t posted until about 10-15 minutes prior to departure time, so we […]

Sunday We saw Alison off at 5:00 am as planned then tried to go back to sleep, without much success. We got to Mal & Rys’s just after 9:00 am as planned and spent several minutes getting skype to communicate with Jill. We were eventually successful and had a great chat. Sarah and family were […]

Murray, Alison and I hopped onto the subway down to 14 St then walked over to the south end of the Highline Park. Before going up the stairs to the park, we went to a designer fair that Alison had read about. It’s a bit like the Bison fair in Edmonton – lots of unique […]

The forecast was for a warm, sunny day with a high of 77F. We decided to spend the day in Central Park. After a late breakfast at Cafe Edison, the seven of us walked north and entered the park at 7th Avenue. We strolled over to the west side of the park and continued north […]