The long road home – October 22

We joined Gary and Kim for a quick bite to eat,  loaded up the car and were on the highway by 7:45 am, earlier than expected. We started out in full sunshine with a temperature of about -8C. There had been a heavy frost overnight but no snow. The highway was clear and dry and traffic was very light. We got to Saskatoon in just over three hours. We got gas but didn’t find any  restaurants that appealed to us so drove on.

The sky became very overcast and it seemed a bit foggy in the distance. As we drove, we realized the fog was actually light snow. There was light accumulation at the edge of the highway but nothing significant, however, the closer we got to North Battleford, the more snow there was on the shoulders and the heavier the snowfall became.

We stopped for lunch in North Battleford along the highway. While we ate, we noticed a lot of cars going by with lots of snow on them. Obviously there had been a significant snowfall in the area through the night and morning.

We left North Battleford and headed toward Lloydminster. Fortunately, the clouds started to break up and the snow stopped. The accumulation in the fields and at the roadside diminished and gradually disappeared by the time we reached the Alberta border. It felt really good to be back in our home province!

All along our drive we saw huge flocks of geese, either flying in disorganized groups, floating on the lakes or foraging in farm fields. We were amazed to see that the white snow geese were mingled with the Canada geese. Apparently they like to travel together. It looked like the geese were in their final preparations for the long trip south.

We drove through Lloydminster without stopping and carried on to Edmonton. It was just after 5:00 when we arrived in our driveway! We made the trip in just over nine hours including stops for lunch, coffee and bathroom breaks.

We checked the odometer and found that our total trip, since we left on July 23rd was 17,259 km!! An amazing distance filled with beautiful countryside and incredible experiences.

Before I finish this final post, I have to say a heartfelt thank you! to all the family and friends who hosted us along the way. It was wonderful to experience such warm hospitality throughout our trip. We really appreciated the way you shared your enthusiasm and pride in your local areas. There is nothing better than seeing an area through the eyes of the local people. And it is especially nice to see familiar faces when travelling so far from home.

This trip has reinforced our opinion that we live in the most beautiful country in the world.



  1. So glad you have arrived home safely. What an amazing trip!

  2. Glad you made it home. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Enjoyed the blog!

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