Kamsack – October 19-21

We said goodbye to Glenn and Melodie and started our drive to Kamsack. It was very overcast but there was no rain and the winds had died down. We were travelling on a secondary highway north to the Yellowhead. We drove through a number of valleys with rivers or lakes. It would be beautiful countryside in summer. There is definitely more to Manitoba than bald prairie.

We had no cell phone service on my Telus cell anywhere in Manitoba except on or near Highway One – the Trans-Canada. Apparently there is some dispute between Telus and the Manitoba Government and that may be a contributing factor.

When we crossed into Saskatchewan, we changed time zones, which allowed us to arrive at Kamsack by 2:30 pm, at least an hour earlier than expected. Gary and Kim weren’t home from work yet so we found the local coffee shop – Bevanda – and enjoyed some great coffee while we waited for them to arrive.

When they got home, we visited with them for a couple of hours before they had to leave for the school district’s service awards dinner in Yorkton. We tried out the local Chinese restaurant for dinner and were overwhelmed with the large volume of great food. Then we spent the evening watching TV, reading and doing some laundry.

On Saturday we went walking through town and stopped at the coffee shop for more of their great coffee. We spent the rest of the afternoon generally hanging out. For dinner, we drove 40 minutes northwest of Kamsack to the town of Stenem to Rawhides Saloon. This is a new establishment with great country style decor. The food was awesome and the atmosphere was lively and casual.

After dinner, we drove back and spent the evening playing 2500. It was a perfect day.

On Sunday, Gary and Kim served us a wonderful breakfast. They both had to spend some time working, so we just relaxed, watched football and chatted.We had a nice dinner then Gary and Kim surprised me with birthday cake, complete with candles! Gary, Kim and Murray sang Happy Birthday and I blew out the candles. I even got presents!

We finished off the evening with more games of 2500 then went to bed early as Gary and Kim had to work and we needed an early start for the long drive home.


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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day — sounds like it!!!

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