Fargo to La Riviere MB – October 18

We left Fargo in pouring rain and gusty winds which followed us all the way to La Riviere. We crossed the border to Manitoba at Emerson. The customs officer asked us lots of questions about where we had been and what we had brought back. We told him we were over our limit of alcohol by four bottles. Surprisingly he expressed no interest and waved us through.

We found the correct turnoff to get to La Riviere on the secondary highway. Somebody is making a ton of money selling or renting portable signs because there were tons of them all along the way. We stopped for lunch at Smitty’s in a shopping  mall in one of the small towns, then drove on to La Riviere.

La Riviere is nestled into a river valley, with lots of trees. In the summer, it would be beautiful. Melodie and Glen’s place is on a huge lot at the end of the street, backing onto the river. Across the river is a nine hole golf course and a ski hill with A frame chalets at the bottom of the hill – year round recreation! They greeted us at the door with hugs and we settled in for a wonderful evening of dinner and conversation. It had been over a year since we had last seen Glen and Melodie and we had a great time sharing stories of retirement life and travel. The time passed all too quickly.


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