Chicago – October 15

Last day in this beautiful city. Luckily, it turned out to be a sunny day, although a bit chilly in the morning.

We went across the street to our new favourite restaurant, Corner Bakery, for a light breakfast. We had decided to spend the lion’s share of the day walking part of the boat tour route so we could see more of the buildings in the sunlight. We were walking beside the river, along Wacker Street. We’re not sure where that name came from but there must be a story. There was a lot of activity on the river – tour boats and water taxis. There were no sailboats as they can only get by the bridges when they are open and that only happens twice per week in the spring and fall.

When we got to Dearborn St, we crossed the river to check out House of Blues. Unfortunately, they had a private party on that evening, so we couldn’t see a show on our last night. Further along the north side of the river is a huge building with four million square feet of space. It is currently occupied by home renovation and decorating companies and services. We walked through the main floor and noted that the services would mainly be used by people from the upper economic realms. Beautiful kitchens and bathrooms were on display. It would be a good place to get ideas.

When we got to the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), which is now the fourth tallest building in the world, we turned east, toward Michigan Ave. This area is very noisy as it is criss-crossed by the El, the elevated train system. There are three or four lines that circle this area, on several different streets, so there always seem to be trains going by overhead.

We found an Irish pub for lunch and rested our feet, then continued back to the area by our hotel. Murray went back to the hotel and I continued north on Michigan to see if anything called to me but ended up going back empty-handed.

We relaxed for awhile, then did some packing. When we were hungry we went to PJ Clarkes for dinner. It was noted in the Where magazine and was also close to the hotel. Dinner was excellent.

We turned in early so we could be ready to tackle Chicago’s freeways in the morning.


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