Chicago photos

Chicago skyline from freeway.

Skyline from boat tour.

Lake Point Tower 1965-68. There are three “points” jutting out from the central core.

Bridge raised for sailboats to pass.

Chicago river scene.

Low cloud on John Hancock building – the one with the X’s.

Downtown beach on Lake Michigan.

Chicago Tribune Tower – 1922-25.

Trump Tower 2005-2009.

Aqua Building 2009 – tallest building in the world designed by a female architect, Jeanne Gang

Pritzker Pavilion, designed by Frank Gehry

“The Bean”

Underneath “The Bean”

Fun with “The Bean”

One of the two “face” fountains

Murray and friend

At Tommy Gun’s

Marina Towers 1959-62

House of Blues restaurant and nightclub.

77 West Wacker 1990-92 Looks like a Greek tower to us.

Merchandise Mart 1930 Over 4 million square feet!

Willis (Sears) Tower 1974


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